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Designing accommodation responsibly : Beneteau’s commitments


  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Money-saving appliances and energy performance
  • Easy-to-dismantle solutions
  • Annual eco-profile measuring our impact on the environment

Safety Standards

IRM, the leading European builder of mobil homes is committed to sustainable development.

Indeed, since 2010 IRM has been ISO 14001 certified for its production sites and all its operations. IRM is going one step further in its commitment to being an eco-responsaible builder, and is currently being assessed against the ISO 26000 standard.

The entire IRM range meets the highest standards in terms of the key points of the design and production of mobile homes.

HEALTH & SAFETY : European standard EN 1647 regarding the health and safety requirements of light leisure accommodation.

VENTILATION : European standard EN 721 specifies the requirements for safety and ventilation.

GAS CIRCUIT : European standard EN 1949 sets out the specifications for the installation of LPG systems fot habitation purposes in leisure accommodation vehicles.

ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT : The mobil homes comply with the electrical safety regulations regarding the protection of individuals (differential system) and goods (circuit breakers).

IRM has established trusted partnerships with selected suppliers. All of them fulfil the quality criterai of a precise specification issued by our insurance provider.

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