PRICE OF A NEWn HOME according to the sales network

IRM is a manufacturer of mobile homes. Thus, it does not sell its products to private individuals but via a sales point network. The IRM sales network will sell you not only the mobile home, transport and installation but will also help you to find a pitch on the campsite of your dreams. The IRM sales network is made up of two types of points of sale:

  • THE DEALERS: Independent companies selling IRM mobile homes that can offer you pitches on several partner campsites with which they have signed exclusivity agreements.
  • RETAILER CAMPSITES: These campsites choose to manage the sale of mobile homes to private individuals on their own land without any intermediaries. A dealer’s campsite partners will not sell directly and will therefore not appear on the map of retailer campsites and, conversely, a retailer campsite sells directly so that no dealer can offer you a plot on its land.


... from IRM dealers

The dealers who can offer to install a mobile home for you on several exclusive partner campsites in their region do not provide details of their prices on our website. Indeed, the prices vary for each of their campsite partners (transport and installation costs etc. depending on the status and geographical location of the campsite). However, do not hesitate to get in touch with the dealer for the region where you would like to install your mobile home.

Each dealer, being an independent company (i.e. independent of IRM), is free to set its own sale prices. The retail prices indicated below are indicative prices for the mobile homes only, excluding the wideload shipping costs, installation and connection costs, options and any ancillary costs. For a total “turnkey” budget, add €2,000 to €12,000 including taxes depending on the delivery region. Only an IRM dealer can give you a full estimate depending on your destination campsite.

.... from IRM retailer campsites

Among the retailer campsites, those who have signed the IRM Trust Charter have notified us of their sale price at their campsites and provided a breakdown for each overall item, at their own responsibility. You can check out their prices on our website either by:

  • by clicking on the campsite flags under the heading “map of retailer campsites
  • by clicking on the name of the campsite in the full list of points of sale and then downloading their price sheet.