Responsible quality designed to last

Choose robustness with the Residential Mobile Home. Just imagine – a mobile home built to the same principles as a timber- framed house, with a building- type frame and galvanised steel body, roofing designed to bear the weight of snow and UV-resistant cladding. Your holiday home, designed to withstand the test of time, whatever the weather. It doesn’t matter if the sun is burning down or if it’s raining, windy or snowing: you will enjoy every moment safe inside your IRM mobile home.


The IRM chassis is galvanised steel frame with wooden beams. This alliance of stell and wood gives the chassis a good mix of strenght and flexibility.

An intelligent chassis

The blocking points located around the periphery of the chassis insure optimum stability and the adjustable jacks insure precision levelling of your mobile home. IRM mobile homes are fitted as standard with an electrical junction box and built-in waste water pipes to save time on the mobile home installation on the pitch.

Insulation : comfort and savings

chassisThe thermal perfomance contributes to both comfort and energy savings. The glass wool is used as follows on sides of the mobile homes :

Floor 40 mm*

Walls 45mm*

Roof 100mm ***

Low emissivity (4-16-4) double glazing

The low emissivity film makes the thermal insulation 3 times more efficient than standard double glazing. It prevents cold zones from forming next to windows and reduces condensation on the inside of the window.

IRM's eco solutions for electricity and water

100% LED, energy-saving light bulbs (7W)

Low energy consumption kitchen appliances (Class A+)

Dual-flush toilet (3/6L)

Kitchen and bathroom mixer taps with built-in flow reducers


?All IRM models have EN 1647 certification, the only standard that guarantees a safe, high-quality mobile home by verifying 180 inspection points.

Every IRM model has EN 1647 certification for exemplary safety. To meet this European standard, more than 180 points have been inspected by an external auditing firm concerning the structure, furnishings, emergency exits, ventilation and gas.

EN 1647, IRM

IRM: the right choice for you and for THE ENVIRONMENT


Breathe easy – the particleboards used (walls, furniture, floor and ceiling) have the lowest formaldehyde emission levels on the market: just 4 mg/100 g of material, i.e. half the level stipulated in the current NF EN 120 standard. Air quality also gets a boost from the excellent natural ventilation system.

Likewise, all models are fitted with smoke detectors of EN 14604 standard, which is mandatory according to French decree 2011-36.

Sleep tight thanks to the HR 35 kg/m3 foam mattress, antibacterial cover and 18-slat bed base.


IRM and its staff are committed to environmental protection, something that the brand takes into consideration throughout the mobile home’s lifecycle, right from the design stage. With ISO 14001 certification, all of our factories endeavour to produce the most sustainable, energy-efficient models possible.

With IRM, you benefit from all the guarantees of safety standard ISO 14001 and health standard ISO 26000 concerning economic, social and environmental commitments.


A or A+ rated appliances

Flow reducers on taps

Dual flush toilet

100% LED indoor lighting


IRM: opt for experience and guaranteed QUALITY


Choosing IRM means choosing a company with genuine expertise and 23 years of experience in building mobile homes, with 6 factories in France and 800 employees concerned with bringing you quality, eco-designed models.

Since 2007, when IRM joined the BENETEAU Group, the world leader in yachting, our core business, expertise and know- how have been fully focused on the layout and management of living spaces, on land and at sea.