TRUST charter

Charte de Confiance IRMCampsites that have signed the "IRM Trust Charter" have agreed to comply with the following points for all IRM brand holiday homes sales.

  1. Comply with the commitments of the leisure campsite transparency charter of the FNHPA (National French Federation of Open-Air Hotels).
    Download the FNHPA transparency charter in PDF
  2. Provide private individuals with details on the price inc. VAT of an IRM holiday home with :
    • LThe price of the holiday home itself, excluding installation and options,
    • The cost of wide-load transport
    • The cost of installing the holiday home (stabilisation, connections),
    • The cost of each option / accessories / terrace,
    • The cost of other expenses (if applicable)
  3. Provide the annual cost of pitch rental specifying the size and whether or not the water and electricity charges are included.
  4. Limit annual rent increases for the pitch to the index that is clearly indicated in the contract : inflation, rent index, etc. (excluding cases where the campsite invests in improving the services offered to holiday home owners).
  5. When the campsite invests in order to improve the services offered to holiday home owners and the increase in rent exceeds index 4 it informs the holiday home owner of the increase at least 6 months before the term of the contract.
  6. Not cancel the pitch rental contract as long as the private individual holiday home owner complies with the obligations of the internal regulations and his holiday home is less than 12 years old.

A description of each campsite details the selling price of each model and its annual rent.

Contact your sales consultant to join the Charter Trust IRM.