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An expectation of sustainable quality

IRM‘s meticulous building standards mean you are able to better amortize your investments in mobile homes and to optimise your customers‘ satisfaction. The technical solutions proposed by our engineers are the result of our ongoing dialogue with our customers.



Galvanized steel chassis with wooden joists main section


100% glass wool "house-type" thermal insulation


UV- and weather-resistant vinyl cladding, with limited maintenance required


Roof designed to bear the weight of snow, certified under the EN1647 standard.


Building-type frame and anti-corrosion galvanised steel roof



The chassis

  • Galvanized steel chassis with wooden joists in the main section adds flexibility for transportation and rigidity once installed
  • Wood flooring on wooden joists to prevent squeaking
  • Standard height-adjustable jack stands coupled with blocking points along the periphery.


  • Even distribution over six sides insulated with glass wool:
    - 100 mm in the roof compressed to 95 mm in the battens
    - 45 mm under the floor compressed to 40mm
    - 45 mm in the four walls compressed to 42 mm
  • 4-16-4 double-glazing on all openings
  • Respiration of the home through a micro-perforated polyane film
  • Drainage of rainwater via the gutters at the front and rear of the mobile home, downspouts at the corners of the front and gutter overhangs at the rear*.

* May vary depending on the choice of cladding


  • Outdoor lighting with indicator light
  • Class C steel roof designed to bear the weight of snow at 200 kg/m²
  • Smoke detector in compliance with the EN14604 standard made mandatory by Decree No. 2011-36
  • Bosch 13.5KW gas water heater with natural draft and pilot flame
  • Natural ventilation
  • HR 35 kg/m3 foam mattress, antibacterial hypoallergenic cover Lattenrost m. 18 Latten
  • Antennen- und TV-Kabelanschluss
  • 3 drawers for storing pots and pans


  • LED lighting in all indoor light points
  • A+ rated appliances
  • Key switch (optional)
  • Dual-flush toilet
  • Mixer faucet with integrated flow reducer