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Since its creation, IRM has set an objective: to make a difference, to offer the best mobile home solution to all professionals working in outdoor accommodations. In doing so, IRM ensures them profitability and peace of mind in the management of their campsite, year after year.


For IRM, innovation is a state of mind. The constant search for optimization, improvement and ergonomics: wider openings, a larger living space, a modern interior with a holiday feel, and the revolutionary EASY CLEAN system, awarded the Sett d’Or for innovation in 2017.


For more than 30 years, IRM has been considered the reference for mobile homes in France. Quality materials, elegant design, and consistent service quality have helped the pioneer climb to no. 1. That is why, once again this year, IRM is the official partner of FNHPA.

M... for MASTERY

With IRM, you have all the tools and services you need to manager your mobile homes. From ordering to reselling, our professionals help you to manage your fleet.