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Mobile home SERVICES

Online store, installation tutorials, technical control, maintenance, renovations and training programme, etc.

You can always count on the technical know-how of a nearby team of experts who have fully mastered the art of building and maintaining mobile homes. 



The annual maintenance programme

Entrust our experts with the maintenance of your fleet, and follow the history of tasks carried out on each of your mobile homes. A helpful tool for anticipating your renewal investments.

The online store

On, you will find more than 2,000 spare parts and standard items available with fast, priority delivery. You can also track your parts shipment and view your history.
It is THE benchmark web platform for spare parts on the market.

Technical control of your fleet

On, request an inspection based 100 technical points. It will enable you to identify the work required to guarantee the safety and comfort of your customers.

The renovation service

Changing the curtains, shower trays, taps, and more... Take advantage of "à la carte“ tasks to extend the lifespan of your mobile homes and facilitate resale. Ask our technicians for advice on what you need to run a profitable operation.

The training programme

Each year, mobile home services organizes training sessions aimed at your teams. Through this programme, we support nearly 150 technicians each year in the aim of making them more efficient when completing small tasks and of raising awareness about good safety practices.
How to get involved? Email us starting in September for training days in February.



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