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Observation: Mobile homes represent an average of about 30% of the energy consumption of a campsite with 300 mobile home pitches.

IRM introduces Technical energy management, an innovative solution that helps you control your energy consumption by optimizing the use of energy-intensive equipment.

How does Technical energy management work in a mobile home?

Technical energy management helps to control energy-consuming equipment depending on the activity and energy rate periods. There are several levels of action, of which the objectives are: to save, distribute, control, winter.

Greater savings

Reduced consumption by limiting waste (leaving the lights on when out, heating with the windows open, etc.) and by better aligning means and needs.

Distributed consumption according to the best rate periods, avoiding consumption peak times and thus surcharges.

Easier operation

Wintering, maintenance, time savings for the back-and-forth of the weekend
Technical energy management promotes the investment in fully electric mobile homes*:
- no more handling gas cylinders
- wintering in just one click (start of tracer and convectors with automatic, remote heating).

A bright future

This solution may be incorporated into a remote management system of your campsite‘s main consumption areas (pool, sanitation facilities, food services) for greater savings.

Keeping your fleet secure

Thanks to the remote monitoring, with alarms such: intrusion, fire, disconnection.


Technical energy management helps you provide your customers with

Better comfort

Guaranteed hot water by scheduling the start-up of the cumulus tank.

Enhanced air quality thanks to the automatic CMV based on humidity. Thermal comfort thanks to remote temperature management depending on the occupancy of the mobile home.

More security

Presence detection also enables an intrusion alert in the mobile home. The smoke detector is linked to the system and will provide an instant warning.

Greater efficiency

Monitoring the meters helps to offer real pricing, which helps boost holidaymakers‘ awareness of their consumption

Presence detection (through key switches) helps prevent waste: turning off the lights, regulating heat and air conditioning, detecting potential water leaks in case of abnormal activity during the users‘ absence.