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Our solutions to reduce your energy bills


All our models are equipped with them:

  • Dual-flush 3/6 litre flush valve

  • 7 l/min flow limiter on sink and basin mixers

  • Intelligent electronic convector with digital display: switches off when it detects a prolonged drop in temperature indicating that a window is open.

  • Energy-efficient household appliances

  • LEDs on all light points

  • 6-sided glass wool insulation for optimum thermal resistance

  • Class A hydropower water heater


Towards the most energy-efficient mobile home

Insulating your mobile homes to suit the climate of your region and your opening dates is a good way to help you reduce your energy bill.
By increasing the cabin's thermal resistance with 200 mm of mineral wool insulation on the roof and 100 mm on the floor, plus a frost-proof tracer to protect the water system, you can double the thermal resistance coefficient. 
To go one step further you can opt for BIOFIB bio-sourced plant-based insulation, made from 92% hemp fibre, flax fibre and cotton fibre and 8% plant-based binder. This insulation is available as standard insulation (walls and roof structure) or reinforced insulation (roof structure).


...and for even more savings:


  1. Centralised Technical Management
    To control the energy consumption of each mobile home from a computer or your laptop.

  2. Key switch
    To limit lighting when the mobile home is occupied.

  3. Electrical dimmers
    To limit the instantaneous electricity consumption of the mobile home by cutting off the power supply to certain circuits.

  4. The white roof
    Limits the rise in temperature inside the mobile home, avoiding the need for air conditioning.

  5. The insulation
    BIOFIB plant-based glass wool or reinforced insulation to improve the cabin's thermal resistance.

  6. The click-click connected reverser
    Provides real savings by displaying the status of all your gas cylinders and consuming all the gas they contain.