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Backed by our experience, we decided to have our choices of construction and our quality validated by expert bodies.

Your customers‘ safety is officially guaranteed

The EN 1647 standard sets the relative minimum requirements at more than 180 inspection points relating to safety and comfort. These points are verified during audits by the Véritas Office on each mobile home model. It includes an obligation to comply with the standards EN 1949 (LPG gas) and EN 721 (ventilation). It is your best guarantee for quality and safety: it is THE normative reference in the event of an incident or dispute with a holidaymaker who rented an IRM mobile home. A certificate of conformity is issued for each model, available through a simple request to your sales consultant.

Deconstructing mobile homes

Recycle your mobile homes at the end of their life for free. Professionals: take advantage of a real solution the problem of outdated mobile homes. Recycling makes it possible to re-use and average of 77% of materials recovered from mobile homes no longer in use. ECO mobile homes improve the quality of your environment. Discover the ECO MH website:

IRM mobile homes: maintain air quality for your holidaymakers

Traditionally found in all building and furnishing products (particle boards for example), in household products (cleaners, cosmetics, etc.), and in domestic fuels, smoking and incense, formaldehyde is a toxic product.

Part of the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) category, it demonstrates a toxicity with varying effects on health, ranging from olfactory discomfort to more serious pathological consequences. In line with its "comfort and safety" commitment, IRM has implemented an approach to significantly reduce the presence of formaldehyde in its products. IRM mobile homes from the 2019 range are made with the lowest levels of formaldehyde on the market. 

All chipboard panels used in the manufacturing of our models (wall, furniture, floor, ceiling) have shifted from 8 mg/100 g of material to 4 mg/100 g, cutting the rate in half in relation to the current requirements of the standard NF EN 120. This drop improves air quality, which is already supported by the excellent ventilation system found in IRM models.

Formaldehyde rate cut in half

In relation to the current requirements of the NF EN 120 standard