Mobil-Home IRM guides you through your mobile home purchase in Charente Maritime

The Charente-Maritime is a magnificent department located on the west coast of France and offers numerous opportunities for camping and outdoor vacations. As a leader in the field of new mobile homes, Mobil-Home IRM offers a range of quality models, made in France, and environmentally friendly to help you make the perfect choice for your family. Our camping and distributor partners in Charente-Maritime accompany you in your purchasing project. Here are our tips to make your buying experience enjoyable and successful.


Why buy a mobile home in Charente-Maritime?

Charente-Maritime is a highly popular tourist destination in France. It offers numerous attractions for visitors, including historic towns, sandy beaches, and stunning landscapes. Among the well-known cities and activities not to miss in Charente-Maritime are:

If you are looking for a destination to buy a mobile home, Charente-Maritime is a recognized destination to settle down and enjoy family or friends' vacations.


How to buy a mobile home in Charente-Maritime?

Mobil-Home IRM offers quality residential mobile homes for individuals, made in France, and environmentally friendly. Our mobile homes are available for sale in our partner campings and through our distributors in Charente-Maritime. Here are the steps to follow to buy a new IRM mobile home:

Choose the right location: The first step is to select an ideal location for your mobile home. In Charente-Maritime, you will find many campings that are partners with Mobil-Home IRM, offering quality facilities and services tailored to your needs.

Choose the suitable model: Mobil-Home IRM offers a diverse range of new mobile homes that meet all needs. Take the time to compare models, considering capacity, interior layout, your needs, and available options.

Consult our partner distributors: Mobil-Home IRM works with partner distributors in the Charente-Maritime region. Inquire about these trusted professionals, their services, and expertise to facilitate your purchase.


If you are looking to buy a new mobile home in Charente-Maritime, Mobil-Home IRM is the ideal partner. We have guided you through the different cities and tourist spots in the department, as well as the various models of mobile homes available. Feel free to contact our camping and distributor partners to learn more about the available models and benefit from personalized support in your mobile home purchasing project in Charente-Maritime.

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