There are three key points to help you buy your mobile home and especially to help you buy the RIGHT mobile home for you at the RIGHT place and at the RIGHT price. These key points are: the choice of your mobile home, the choice of your location, and the total costing.



You will find on this website all the important elements to help you choose the right mobile home for you:



We remind you that, according to Decree No. 2007-18 of 5 January, recreational mobile homes can only be installed in residential holiday parks, campsite grounds and in holiday villages. IRM, a company in the Bénéteau Group‘s Habitat Division, is a mobile home manufacturer. Thus, it does not sell its products to private individuals but via a sales point network. The IRM sales network will sell you not only the mobile home, transport and installation but will also help you to find a pitch on the campsite of your dreams. Our sales network includes two types of points of sale:

A dealer’s campsite partners will not sell directly and will therefore not appear on the map of retailer campsites and, conversely, a retailer campsite sells directly so that no dealer can offer you a plot on its land.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about campsites and dealers:

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You need to take into account:

  1. the cost of the mobile home itself, its options and accessories (such as a terrace)
  2. transportation from the factory to the campsite
  3. installation (stabilization, connection, using a crane if necessary, etc.)
  4. the cost of leasing the plot of land on the campsite annually.
  5. other costs (servicing the plot, administrative charges, campsite entry fees, etc.)
  6. insuring the mobile home (unless price is all inclusive)

We advise you to ask for the price of a “turnkey package” at your point of sale, meaning delivered, installed, stabilized and connected on the campsite pitch you have chosen. That way you’ll know exactly what your total budget is, and you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. For a new IRM mobile home, expect a total all-inclusive price of between €35,000 and €60,000 including tax.

Most IRM dealers can offer you tailor-made financing solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask them! Learn more

We provide a breakdown of these budgets under the heading “How much to pay for a mobile home.”


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