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When you buy a mobile home from an IRM retailer, the latter will sign a contract of sale with you setting out the general conditions governing the sale and the warranty.

Only the warranty conditions will apply to your mobile home. For any after-sales service problems, the retailer with which you signed your contract will be your sole contact. It will have the task of examining your after-sales service request, assessing the nature and cause of your problem, ordering any spare parts if necessary (retailers often have permanent stocks) and repairing your mobile home. The warranty will generally cover your mobile home for one year.

We recommend that, as soon as your mobile home has been received and installed, you should draw up an inventory with the seller.



IRM’s after-sales service department has set up a website for all requests for spare parts:

Our after-sales service site is also intended for individuals so open an account now and check out our prices.
You’ll find all the parts you need: cladding, openings, furnishings, interior fittings, etc.

Please remember that, as indicated in the user guide for your mobile home:

  1. Installation is fundamental and requires your full attention. Incorrect installation that does not comply with our recommendations or is not perfectly horizontal may lead to problems with locking doors or windows that will not be covered by the warranty in that case.
  2. During transport, the entry door and windows are equipped with 2 x 2 cm plastic wedges in their frame that have to be removed and disposed of. Leaving those wedges in would lead to problems with opening or closing that would not be covered by the warranty.
  3. The rigors of transport can lead to the entry door being poorly aligned. Its hinges allow it to be perfectly re-adjusted.
  4. The rigors of transport can lead to the kitchen and bedroom doors being poorly aligned. Its hinges allow it to be perfectly re-adjusted.
  5. Electrical household appliances and water heaters are delivered with the manufacturers’ user guides. Please refer to them to ensure proper use and for any malfunctions.
  6. Minor aesthetic flaws are not covered by the warranty.
  7. Any defects as a result of misuse (e.g. scratching on the ground in the course of unpacking, obstructing ventilation, cleaning fabrics other than dry cleaning, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
  8. The warranty does not cover the following cases: Normal wear and tear in the course of using the mobile home intensively as a main residence, poor upkeep of the mobile home or incorrect handling of the original parts or installations.
  9. It is essential to respect the user guide instructions, in particular those concerning wintering (non-occupancy) and safety measures.
  10. Repairs carried out under warranty will not have the effect of extending the warranty.
  11. IRM’s warranty is limited to replacing or repairing the part or parts known to be defective and bearing the costs of the necessary workmanship. The manufacturer’s liability is solely limited to the warranty as defined above. IRM-SA will not be liable for direct or indirect harm to persons or objects even where this is caused by a defect or a flaw in the product sold.



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