The indicated areas are calculated according to the UNIVDL definition:
"The area is determined by the floor area. This is calculated using the closed and covered bare interior, after subtracting the areas corresponding to the thickness of the walls surrounding the door and window frames to the outside. It must exclude the terrace, gutters and exterior walls."


I’m looking for spare parts for older ranges. Who should I get in touch with?

Your IRM retailer or dealer (see sales network). However, after 5 years, some parts (in particular furniture) may no longer be available. The suppliers of raw materials (e.g. wooden panels) sometimes stop producing them.

I have problems with my mobile home. Who can I turn to?

When you buy a mobile home from an IRM retailer, the latter will sign a contract of sale with you setting out the general conditions governing the sale and the warranty. Only the warranty conditions will apply to your mobile home. For any after-sales service problems, the retailer with which you signed your contract will be your sole contact. It will have the task of examining your after-sales service request, assessing the nature and cause of your problem, ordering any spare parts if necessary (retailers often have permanent stocks) and repairing your mobile home.

How do I make an after-sales service request?

The IRM retailer or dealer must submit a written request for repairs, stating the circumstances with as much detail as possible to after-sales service of the Bénéteau Group‘s Habitat Division.

How long does the after-sales service take?

For a spare part in stock, allow 15 days. For technical repairs, allow one to three months for recent mobile homes (spare parts in stock) or three to six months for older ones (spare parts need to be ordered from the supplier on a case-by-case basis).

I have a flat-roof mobile home and would like to convert it into a roof with two sloping sides. Is that possible?

Some craftsmen and independent companies offer that service. Your IRM retailer or dealer (see sales network) will give you information about this. However, the structure of flat-roof mobile homes was not originally designed for a sloping roof. IRM will not accept any liability for such a conversion or the deterioration to which it might lead. The company carrying out the conversion work shall be fully liable.

Can I add air-conditioning to my mobile home?

Air conditioning is OK.

Can I add roller blinds to my mobile home?

Following a request to your IRM retailer or dealer, the after-sales service will offer to sell you and install specific rollers blinds for the models in question.

Can I add a terrace or other annex to my mobile home?

According to Afnor standard 56-410, which defines mobile homes, in order to preserve its status, it must be relatively easy at all times to remove a mobile home from its pitch by one of the four sides. Therefore, you cannot attach your mobile home to a concrete terrace, a breezeblock veranda or other “hard” installation (fence, garden shelter, etc.) if this would hinder the mobility of your residence. Only removable terraces and canopies that do not restrict this possibility of being moved are permitted. Moreover, according to the Decree of 28 September 2007 (article 111-7), in calculating the building density coefficient, which corresponds to the external ground area occupied by your mobile home, movable canopies and terraces are excluded.

What happens if my mobile home is damaged while I’m away?

Depending on the cause, your insurer or the campsite insurer will bear the costs of the accident. Check whether the clauses of your mobile home insurance contract have been respected.

For how long is my mobile home covered by the IRM warranty?

The warranty applicable to your mobile home is generally 2 years (provided that the conditions for stabilization and use have been respected), while the structure itself is covered for 3 years (roof, walls and floor). At any rate technical defects will come to light from the first month of use.

I’d like to revamp the interior of my mobile home. Who can help me with this?

IRM’s after-sales service will suggest some fabrics, seats and curtains to make your mobile home look new again.



Whom should I contact to buy a mobile home?

The company IRM manufactures mobile homes. It does not market its products directly to private individuals but via a sales point network. The network is made up of two types of points of sale:

IMPORTANT: A dealer’s campsite partners will not sell directly and will therefore not appear on the map of retailer campsites. Conversely, a retailer campsite sells directly so that no dealer can offer you a plot on its land. Check out both to get the widest possible choice.

You can find a list of IRM dealers and several campsites that sell IRM mobile homes by clicking here. This is not an exhaustive list, as campsites that occasionally sell mobile homes or do so through a dealer do not appear on it.

Is it cheaper to buy from a dealer or from a retailer campsite?

Since each party can set their prices freely, there is no general rule. Everything depends on the status of the campsite, the conditions at the point of sale and whether you are really comparing the same mobile home set up on two comparable sites in every way. While buying through a dealer does add an intermediary to the transaction, this does not necessarily increase the final price as dealers have privileged purchase conditions. Their expertise, the offer of several plots of land within several campsites and their after-sales service may also justify a higher price. Our advice: Find out from former purchasers of mobile homes on the campsite you have selected whether they were satisfied with their retailer. A good reputation is usually an indicator of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Do you sell directly?

No. The company IRM is a manufacturer of recreational mobile homes. It does not market directly. You can find a list of IRM retailers by clicking here.

How do I choose a dealer?

We advise you not to choose a dealer that is close to your place of residence but the dealers closest to the region where you would like to set up your mobile home so that they can offer you a choice of campsites that they work with in that region and so that they will be close by if there are any problems. For example, if I am setting up my mobile home in the Gironde region (33), I will contact a dealer in Gironde. You can find the list of dealers in the section on the Sales network.

Where can I view the mobile homes?

You can view IRM mobile homes on the premises of most of the dealers whose details are listed in the sales network. Not all the models in the IRM range may be on display so we would advise you to check by contacting the dealer before your visit if you are looking for a particular model.


What do the sales prices indicated on the IRM website include?

IRM is a manufacturer of mobile homes. Thus, it does not sell its products to private individuals but via a sales point network. The IRM sales network will sell you not only the mobile home, transport and installation but will also help you to find a pitch on the campsite of your dreams. The IRM sales network is made up of two types of sales points: dealers and retailer campsites. You can check out their conditions on our website either by

You need to consider:

  1. the cost of the mobile home itself, its options and accessories (such as a terrace)
  2. transportation from the factory to the campsite
  3. installation (stabilization, connection, using a crane if necessary, etc.)
  4. other costs (servicing the plot, administrative charges, entry fees, etc.)
  5. the cost of leasing the plot of land on the campsite annually.

We advise you to ask for the price of an “all-inclusive package” at your point of sale, meaning delivered, installed, stabilized and connected on the campsite pitch you have chosen. That way you’ll know exactly what your total budget is and you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. For a new IRM mobile home, expect a total all-inclusive price of between €29,000 and €60,000 including tax. You need to allow for insurance costs as well.

What is the cost of transporting a mobile home?

Your mobile home can only be transported in a special convoy. The cost of this is relatively high and can vary greatly depending on the distance between the factory and the campsite (4 to 5 € per kilometre approximately depending on the type of special convoy plus a fixed rate for loading and unloading). The retailer who sold you the mobile home will, on your behalf, contact a company specialising in the special convoy that will transport it to the campsite.

Average cost: from €1,000 to €4,000.

What is the cost of installing a mobile home on a campsite?

Installing a mobile home on a campsite pitch consists of:

If the plot has not been made viable or if difficult access requires the use of a crane (a mobile home weighs between 4 and 6 tons), the cost can mount up quickly. Get information from a point of sale.

Average cost: from €500 to €2,000.

What is a campsite entry fee? How much does it cost?

The campsite or PRL where you wish to install your mobile home may require an entry fee. This can range from approximately €1,000 to €5,000, depending on each campsite, its services, rating, geographical location, etc. This entry fee (sometimes called a commission) is paid only for the year that your mobile home is installed. It generally covers the administrative, registration and site refurbishment charges.

In some cases, this entry fee may be included from the start in the indicated price of the mobile home, or it may be added as an additional line on the final bill. If you purchase your mobile home from a dealer, the entry fee is usually included in the quote and will cover its transportation to the chosen campsite.

To avoid any surprises, always opt for a total "all-inclusive" quote and compare it with several destinations.

What is the cost of renting a pitch at a campsite?

This can range from approximately €2,000 to €5,000 (annually), depending on the size and features of each campsite (its services, rating, geographical location, etc.).

In some cases, this entry fee may be included from the start in the indicated price of the mobile home, or it may be added as an additional line on the final bill. If you purchase your mobile home from a dealer, the entry fee is usually included in the quote and will cover its transportation to the chosen campsite.

A pitch on a site located near the sea, with entertainment, a water park and a restaurant will be more expensive that an isolated lot without amenities. If you have not yet decided on a specific campsite, visit several of them and compare their rent and services.

A lease for a pitch signed with the owner of a campsite will generally be for one year, renewed automatically. It will give you a breakdown of the amount of rent, the opening dates of the campsite and the specific charges and obligations on both parties.

Average cost: from €2,000 to €5,000.

Why do the prices vary so much from one campsite to another?

First ensure that the price is all-inclusive, with delivery and installation. Some popular magazines list "factory" prices for mobile homes, which do not include fees for installation, site rental, entry fees, etc.

Be sure to verify what services are included in the price. In particular, will the mobile home‘s interior equipment be unpacked and set up (refrigerator, bed legs, etc.)? Will it be cleaned? Will the water heater be switched on by a certified professional?

Finally, if you still notice a price difference, it is likely explained by the status of the two campsites and their equipment. In this case, you need to decide if the price is worth it.

Do you offer a financing place to buy a mobile home?

Most IRM dealers can offer you tailor-made financing solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask them! Generally, your all-purpose bank offers standard private loans amortized over 5 to 12 years (similarly to the campervan market).

Do I need to pay notary fees?

No, none.

Do I need to pay taxes?

You do not need to pay property or housing taxes on top of the site rental if, and only if, you mobile home maintains its legal status, in other words, if it is installed on a campsite ground, a residential holiday park or a holiday village classified for lightweight housing. On a campsite, you will be required to pay a tourist tax (a few euros a day, depending on the region) if it is not included in the lease.

Do I need insurance for my mobile home?

Subscribing to an insurance policy for your mobile home is compulsory. Your insurance company can propose either a caravan insurance policy (road transport not inclusive) or a home insurance policy. You should make sure the usual damages are covered : fire, weather damage, theft, electrical and water damages, window breakage, etc. We recommend that you contact your own insurance company.

What other fees can I expect?

Other fees include costs that are dependent on the campsite or the pitch. These include connection to services, administration costs, campsite entrance fees, etc. The considerable variations are mainly a result of the servicing of the plot (whether or not a water or power network is already set up, quality of the landscaping, etc.).

Average cost: from €0 to €5,000.

Do you have prices for installing a mobile home abroad?

You can contact our EXPORT Department at +33 (0)2 51 26 20 28.



What is the lifespan of a mobile home?

A mobile home has an estimated lifespan of 15 to 20 years. However, after 10 years, the natural wear and tear of the furniture, floors and curtains leave the mobile home looking a bit worn out, and of course out of style.

How can I have my mobile home removed and/or destroyed?

Since 2010, the environmental organization Eco MH has overseen the transportation of old mobile homes to a certified centre to have it destroyed in accordance with all of the applicable recycling standards. (

Can my lease be terminated?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, residential contracts are renewed each year. Having accepted you, the owner has no reason not to maintain good relations with his or her residents.



Is it possible to live in a mobile home all year round?

You will have access to your mobile home all year round if it is installed on a campsite or residential holiday park that is open all year round. However, you cannot use your mobile home as your principal residence.

Can I install my mobile home on private land?

Please remember that legally a mobile home must be set up on a campsite, residential holiday park or holiday village in order to preserve its legal status as a mobile home (find out more about the law) and the associated advantages (no residence or property tax, for example).

What amperage do you need for a pitch?

When you choose your pitch, check what amperage is available and whether you can equip your mobile home with a dishwasher or washing machine option. In order to do that, you need a minimum of 16 to 20 amps and the campsite’s internal rules must allow you to do so.

How can I find out what year my mobile home was built?

To identify the year your mobile home was built, you must first find the chassis number. The number is affixed to the chassis, on the drawbar or towbar fitting (front gable end) and on the side of the unit under the kitchen sink.

How do you install the folding beds in the children’s room?

Folding beds give you extra room if you have temporary guests. The two children’s beds in the standard room (screwed-on plastic legs) are replaced by: 1 upper bunk bed with a special overhanging metal leg and a mattress measuring 190 x 80 cm and 1 lower bunk bed with a folding metal leg and a shorter mattress: 180 x 80 cm. 



How much does a second-hand mobile home cost?

Find full information about the second-hand market by clicking here

Where can I buy a second-hand mobile home?

Find full information about the second-hand market by clicking here

Is there a rating for second-hand mobile homes?

Find full information about the second-hand market by clicking here

Is there added value to be made on a mobile home?

Be careful: although a mobile home may feel like a small second residence, buying a mobile home is not a real-estate investment. It is a consumer good (like a car or a camper van) and not a property investment. You will save on holiday rentals and have a lovely time there, but its value will depreciate constantly.

How can I resell my old holiday home?

This can be difficult without a pitch on a campsite. Start by checking with the campsite owner what your contract stipulates. If the owner agrees to it, he or she may see to selling the mobile home and pitch as a unit, for a commission. Otherwise, contact various mobile home dealers for the region and see if they are willing to buy it back.

Do you have a purchasing project?

Contact your dealer or campsite to find your perfect mobile home

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