Mobil-Home IRM will guide you in your mobile home purchase in Normandy.

Normandy attracts many visitors every year in search of relaxation and discovery. For those who wish to enjoy the region at their own pace and have a comfortable home away from home, buying a new mobile home is an ideal solution. Mobil-Home IRM offers quality mobile homes made in France and environmentally friendly for a family vacation. Our camping partners and distributors in Normandy will support you in your purchasing project.


Why buy a mobile home in Normandy?

Normandy is a region rich in history and heritage. The Normandy coast is famous for its sandy beaches, cliffs, picturesque fishing ports, and lively seaside resorts. Among the most well-known cities in the region are:

If you are looking for a destination to buy a mobile home, Normandy is a recognized destination for settling down and enjoying a family or friends vacation.


How to buy a mobile home in Normandy?

Mobil-Home IRM offers quality residential mobile homes for individuals, made in France and environmentally friendly. Our mobile homes are available for sale at our campsites and through our partner distributors in Normandy. Here are the steps to follow to purchase a new IRM mobile home:

First and foremost, it is important to determine your needs in terms of size, comfort, and budget. This will help focus on the mobile home models that meet your criteria.

Choose your campsite: Mobil-Home IRM sells its new mobile homes in Normandy through its campsites and partner distributors. Therefore, it is necessary to select a campsite that offers new mobile homes of the IRM brand and ensure that it is authorized for sales.

Select the model: Once the campsite is chosen, it is time to select the mobile home model that meets your criteria. Mobil-Home IRM offers a wide range of new models with 2 and 3 bedrooms, suitable for all needs and budgets.

Finalize the purchase: Once the model is selected, it is time to finalize the purchase. The campsite seller or Mobil-Home IRM's partner distributor will take care of all the administrative formalities and the delivery of the new mobile home.


Buying a new mobile home in Normandy is an ideal solution to enjoy the region at your own pace and have a comfortable home away from home. Mobil-Home IRM offers a wide selection of quality models suitable for all needs and budgets. Do not hesitate to contact our camping partners and IRM residence distributors to learn more about the available models and benefit from personalized support in your mobile home purchasing project in Normandy.

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