Mobil-Home IRM guides you in your purchase of a mobile home in Vendée

Vendée is a French department situated on the west coast of France, known for its sandy beaches, pleasant climate, and numerous tourist sites. Mobil-Home IRM offers you high-quality mobile homes, manufactured in France and environmentally friendly, for unforgettable family vacations. Our camping and distributor partners accompany you in your purchasing project, providing advice to make your buying experience enjoyable and successful.

Why buy a mobile home in Vendée?

Vendée is a popular holiday destination for both French and international visitors, thanks to its sandy beaches, pleasant climate, and numerous tourist sites. Here are some of the towns and tourist attractions to visit in Vendée:

If you're looking for a destination to buy a mobile home, Vendée is a recognized choice where you can settle down and enjoy family or friends vacations.


How to buy a mobile home in Vendée?

Mobil-Home IRM offers quality residential mobile homes for private individuals, manufactured in France and environmentally friendly. Our mobile homes are available for sale in our campsites and through our partner distributors in Vendée. Here are the steps to follow to purchase a new IRM mobile home:

  1. Choose the ideal location: Vendée offers numerous sites where you can place your mobile home. You can either purchase a plot in a residential leisure park or rent a pitch on a campsite. Mobil-Home IRM helps you find the right location for your mobile home through its campsites and partner distributors.

  2. Select the model of mobile home that suits you: Mobil-Home IRM offers a wide range of residential mobile home models. You can choose the model that best fits your needs, usage (2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, etc.), and budget.

  3. Finance your project: Purchasing a mobile home can represent a significant investment. Our partner distributor, IRM, will assist you in finding the most suitable financing options for your situation.

Mobil-Home IRM and its camping and distributor partners in Vendée guide you throughout the entire process of buying your mobile home. If you're interested in buying a mobile home in Vendée, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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