You can go further with the best by your side

The tougher the challenger, the stronger the solution

17 new models for 2021!

Making camping comfortable was the challenge in 1992, when we launched our mobile homes in France.
We were the first, and maybe even the only ones to believe it could happen. We set out to revolutionise the camping experience. Fast forward a few years and the challenge was no longer to be the first, but to remain the best.
Aiming for excellence with cutting -edge innovations, from the Cap Déséo model, to our Modul’Home moving partitions, to the Easy Clean shower room, we have always strived to break new ground in the outdoor accommodation market. Our 2022 collection focuses on solutions relating to the industry: waterproof residences to meet the needs of campsites in high-risk areas and greener solutions for those who prioritise an environmentally-friendly approach. 
With more than 150,000 mobile homes installed all over Europe, we are the most prominent name in campsites. 
That's why today, our biggest challenge is to help you overcome yours. Whatever your goals, ours is to provide you with a strong group and outstanding customer service. 
And we’ll do this by being FIRST AT YOUR SIDE, more than ever.


Our 5 commitments 

First at your side

  • To help you to build comfortable, profitable holiday accommodation.
  • To offer mobile homes which are kind to the environment and blend in with their surroundings.
  • To accompany you every step of the mobile home's life-cycle with our efficient services.
  • To enable you to satisfy all customer profiles with our practical and attractive design.
  • To support you in bringing the French campsite spirit to life, to be enjoyed by 20 million holidaymakers in France.