Mobile homes with dressing room

Mobile Homes with Dressing Room

IRM Habitat manufactures residential mobile homes equipped with a dressing room for individuals. The IRM range consists of several mobile homes with dressing rooms in two or three bedrooms which vary depending on the size of the mobile home, the layout and the surface area.

Are you planning to buy a mobile home with a dressing room? Fill in the contact form and you will be contacted by one of our distributor partners or campsite retailers who will be able to offer you a fully equipped mobile home with dressing room including delivery and installation on the campsite plot of your choice.


Mobile home 2 bedrooms - 4/6 pers. - 36.4 m²


Mobile home 2 bedrooms - 4/6 pers. - 40 m²


Mobile home 3 bedrooms - 6/8 pers. - 38.4 m²


Mobile home 3 bedrooms - 6/8 pers. - 43.6 m²